Co-Vida: inspire, connect, act

During a time of crisis, there are many ways to respond. Faced with an uncertain future, fear and anxiety are valid reactions. With so many of us on lockdown and separated from vital support networks, inaction is understandable. Taking time for ourselves and reconfiguring our place in a volatile world is useful, but a proactive approach is also possible.

At Co-Vida, we have created a platform to share information which can help communities to best weather the COVID-19 pandemic. We do so by highlighting resources which provide a threefold approach to help inspire, connect and act. Below you can find some examples of how this approach may work.


By sharing posts which spread a little light during a dark time, we can help even the most isolated persons to experience positivity. Blog posts to help us understand what is happening, apps to keep us mindful and even suitable inspirational quotes have their place here. Even the smallest tokens can help us maintain mental health and well-being.


Since many of us are in the early days of self-isolation or quarantine, a lack of information can be one of the greatest sources of stress. Not only are we worried about our own health and livelihoods, but our concerns grow for the most vulnerable in our communities. By staying connected, we can help share expertise, resources and support networks which have never been more critical. 
Connection can take the form of online tutorials to share helpful skills, providing the latest information regarding our limitations during quarantine and any resource which helps us to safeguard us all during this difficult time.


As we have stated above, inaction can seem reasonable due to the overwhelming nature of the pandemic. Our physical action is limited by a necessity to stay socially distant and help prevent the spread of the virus. However, there are workers on the front-line who, by helping the most vulnerable people, are making themselves vulnerable at the same time.

Our form of action is to share ways by which we can mobilise ourselves and provide support for such vulnerable people. This can take many forms. We can share links to donate to foodbanks and other important support networks. We can offer expertise which might advise people who cannot troubleshoot problems on their own. We can listen to the needs of those working in emergency services and heed their advice on how to respond. At a time when our actions our limited, it is vital we find ways to act in supporting projects which are in the most need of help.